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What are the three dimensions to business problems? Provide examples of all three. Organizational Dimensions – Inadequate resources. Technology Dimensions – Rapid technology change. People Dimension – Lack of employee training. What is the difference between Information Technology and Information Systems? IT consist of all the hardware and software that a firm needs to use in order to achieve it’s business objectives. IS consists of components that collect, retrieve, process, store, and distribute information to support decision making and control in an organization. IS helps manage
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Unformatted text preview: and analyze problems, solutions and other types of data. Some functions of an information systems are monitoring sales and the different aspects of marketing to see which strategy has a better success rate, and in which geological area it works best in. Information systems can also be used to find better ways to improve upon faster ways to package and ship merchandise, or it can be used to monitor sports and the success rate of certain plays in a game....
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