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homework-Chapters5-6-ans - Homework#2 Chapters 5-6...

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Homework #2 - Chapters 5-6 True/False Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false. ____ 1. To use SUS, clients must be running Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 2. What switch do you use with the Update.exe tool to get a list of all hotfixes installed on the com- puter? a. /H b. /L c. /F d. /N ____ 3. On a client system, where do you look to find out what updates have been applied to the system via Windows Update or SUS? a. systemroot \Sus.log b. systemroot \Winupd.log c. systemroot \Windows Update.log d. systemroot \Update.log ____ 4. What happens if the hotfix you are installing is older than the system’s currently installed service pack? a. You are asked whether you want to revert to the pre–service pack version of the files that are affected by the hotfix. b. The installation halts. c. You are given the option to continue or abort the installation. d. The hotfix is applied over the service pack. ____ 5. Which of the following editions of Windows Server 2003 does not require a CAL to connect to it? a. Datacenter b. Standard c. Web d. Terminal Services
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____ 6. Which of the following license conversion processes is permitted by Windows Server 2003? a. Per Server to Per Device or Per User b. Per User to Per Device or Per Server c. Per Device or Per User to Per Server d. Per Device to Per User or Per Server ____ 7. Which of the following tools do you use to determine which server is the license server for a site? a. Active Directory Site Licensing b. Active Directory Sites And Services c. Active Directory Licensing And Resources d. Active Directory Users And Computers ____ 8. Where do you go to manage licensing requirements for a single computer running Windows Server 2003? a. Control Panel, System, Licensing b. Control Panel, Computer Management, Licensing c. Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Licensing d. Control Panel, Licensing ____ 9. Which of the following utilities do you use to install multiple hotfixes one after the other without re- starting the computer after each one? a. Hfchain.exe b. Update.exe c. Qchain.exe d. MBSA ____ 10. You are creating a batch file for users so they can easily apply service packs. You configure the batch file with Update.exe using the /F switch. What happens when the user runs the batch file? a. The update command runs and checks to see whether the user has administrative privileges. If so, the service pack installation runs. If not, the installation fails. b. The update command runs, but the user is prompted for a user account with admin- istrative privileges to perform the update. c.
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homework-Chapters5-6-ans - Homework#2 Chapters 5-6...

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