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Homework #4 - Chapters 9-10 True/False Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false. ____ 1.T The Write NTFS permission, when applied to a folder, gives the user the right to modify the folder at- tributes. ____ 2.f If a user is assigned the Read NTFS permission to a file, and a group of which the user is a member is denied all rights to the file, the user can still open the file. ____3.F You can use the Ping utility to prove that the printer is connected to the network, powered on, and online. ____ 4.F When you install a printer that is connected directly to the Windows Server 2003 system, the installation process does not create a logical printer device for it. Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 5. When you work with NTFS permissions, what does a gray-shaded check box for a permission in the Se- curity tab of a folder mean? a. The permission cannot be assigned to a folder. b. The permission is inherited. c. The permission cannot be set because you have insufficient rights. d. The permission is superseded by another permission. ____ 6. By default, members of which Active Directory groups can assign ownership of an NTFS file or folder to another user? a. Administrators, Backup Operators b. Administrators, Backup Operators, Server Operators c. Administrators, Server Operators d. Administrators, Backup Operators, Account Operators ____ 7. Which of the following is considered a standard NTFS permission? ____ 8. On a workgroup or a standalone Windows Server 2003 computer, membership of which of the following groups enables you to create a share?
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____ 9. Which of the following is a reason to create shares using the Shared Folders MMC snap-in rather than Windows Explorer? ____ 10. What security principal is assigned as the owner of files and folders created by the operating system? a. The Administrator account b. The Administrators group c. The SYSVOL special identity d. The SYSTEM special identity ____
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