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*Please submit your weekly questions using the template that follows. Two of the three questions should be related to the readings in the text the third may be an open question. Please ask questions that are either not answered by the text or info from the text to which you need further clarification. Weekly Questions Michael Smith 001-001-001 January 17, 2011 Chapter 15 – Sexual Variations 1. If you have Paraphilias and get caught doing something illegal will you be arrested or
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Unformatted text preview: sent to get mental help? 2. Do all people suffering from Paraphilias know they have it? And know what they are doing is wrong? Or does it just feel normal to them? 3. Can you be born with Paraphilias or is it just something you can get as you get older? (nature vs. nurture) Quote: "The web is a dominatrix. Everywhere I turn; I see little buttons ordering me to Submit." Freddy Kruger
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