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INTRODUCTION Welcome to NAT150 ! Please read this addendum to the general subject outline carefully. It is your guide to the subject requirements and activities in my class. Be sure to read the outline containing key course information at http://els.senecac.on.ca . This subject assumes no prior college courses in biology, psychology or sociology. It is designed as an introduction to understanding human sexuality within a social context. Topics include: anatomy & physiology, human sexual response, attraction & love, relationships, gender & orientation, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, contraception & abortion, sexuality across the lifespan, sexual dysfunctions, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual variations, commercial sex and sexual coercion. GRADING / ASSIGNMENTS The term work for courses within the School of English and Liberal Studies includes a minimum of 250 pages of reading and 2000 words of writing. This is consistent with Seneca College policy for English and Liberal Studies courses. MODES OF EVALUATION Weekly Discussion Questions (1% each) 10% 10 Quizzes (2.5% each) 25% 2 written assignments (2x10% each) 20% 2 Term Test (2x10% each) 20% Final Exam 25% 100% STUDENT/FACULTY CONSULTATION OUTSIDE CLASSROOM HOURS: My office hours are TBA and will be by appointment only. SENECA COLLEGE OF APPLIED ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL OF ENGLISH AND LIBERAL STUDIESFACULTY OF INFORMATION ARTS & TECHNOLOGY PROFESSOR’S ADDENDUM TO SUBJECT OUTLINE SUBJECT: NAT150 The Development of Human Sexuality SEMESTER: Fall 2011 (11-1) PROFESSOR: Michael Smith OFFICE: S2102-B SECTION: YA/YB CONTACT: 416.491-5050 x 3705 [email protected] My.senecacollege.ca
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You must complete all course work as specified, achieve a grade of 55% or more on the work prior to the final exam, achieve a 55% or more on the final exam, and achieve an overall grade of 55% or more in the subject. TEXTS & MATERIALS Rathus, Nevid et al 3rd Canadian Ed. HUMAN SEXUALITY IN A WORLD OF DIVERSITY Publ. Pearson 2010 ISBN 978-0-205-62277-1 Quizzes: 2.5% each There will be 10 quizzes based on the textbook. These will be a combination of multiple-choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank. In total the quizzes make up 25% of your final grade. Weekly questions : 1% each As per the directions on the schedule, you will be required to submit 3 questions per reading. Two questions must be specific to the reading and one may be a more general question prompted by the reading. If your questions are easily answerable in the chapter they will not be counted. Directions for correct questioning will be given in class.
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