9.9 due Wed. Oct 27 print - Megan Rhea October 27, 2010 Dr....

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Megan Rhea October 27, 2010 Dr. Mitha Writing for the Media 9.9 Additional Stories Construct a two-minute newscast based on the following items. Your instructor may assign these individually or as a group. RETIREMENT The speaker of the state House of Representatives, Milton Bradford, has announced that he will not seek re-election for two reasons. First, he has served in the House for 27 years and has been speaker for the past ten. Second, he is a Democrat from Logansville and has always been closely aligned with the state's education lobby and has recently worked for substantial pay raises for the state's elementary and secondary school teachers. NEW RUNWAY The Airport Authority has announced that a new runway will be built some time next year. The airport has three runways now, and this fourth one will increase the airport's capacity. The runway is being built to meet increased demands from airlines that want to schedule more flights into the city. The cost of construction for will be about $3 million, but the chairman of the Airport Authority says the airport should recover the costs within about three years. STRIKE Machinists Union Local 333 has called for an indefinite walkout of all local members against the city's General Motors plant. The walkout was called because machinists have been working without a contract, and Barney Olive, president of the union, said this situation cannot continue. "We have bargained in good faith, but we can see no evidence that General Motors is doing the same thing." General Motors spokesmen refused to comment about the walkout but said the plant, which manufactures hubcaps for GM cars, will maintain its operation. BANK ROBBERY In six months, the city hasn't had a bank robbery, but that changed this morning when two men wearing ski masks entered the downtown branch of the Fidelity Federal Bank. Police Chief Arthur Shultz said the men must have been waiting for the bank to open when they took $22,000 in cash and an undetermined amount in checks and securities. According to the bank's manager Jack Sherry, the men came in waving shotguns, and one of them fired a couple of shots into the
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9.9 due Wed. Oct 27 print - Megan Rhea October 27, 2010 Dr....

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