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Prof. M. Fall - University of Ottawa 7 Source P. A. Bourque 2. The Earth 2.2…. Dynamic of the Earth (10) Mountain belt Source: J.-P. Bardet The different plates 2. The Earth 2.2…. Dynamic of the Earth (11) Africa Arabia Jordan transform fault The Red Sea Jean Vail ancourt Examples by Stephen Marshak Ocean lithosphere 2.2…. Dynamic of the Earth (12) Image NOAA (U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration : ht p:/ oceanexplorer.noaa.gov/explorations/deepeast01/background/beneath/beneath.html Islande J. Vail ancourt Examples: Opening Atlantic Ocean This animation shows progressive stages in the opening of the Atlantic Ocean. The youngest rocks (in red) clearly outline the mid-ocean ridge system, complete with
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Unformatted text preview: transform faults. The oldest ocean crust (in blue), is confined to offshore regions adjacent to the United States, Canada and western Africa. This distribution demonstrates that the North Atlantic began to open before the South Atlantic. Sea Floor Spreading 2.2…. Dynamic of the Earth (13) Just before the opening of the Atlantic Ocean, which region of the Earth was the nearest neighboor of south-east coast of North-America? Answer: When we close the ocean, we can notice that is West Africa (Senegal, Mauritania) Question 2.2…. Dynamic of the Earth (14) 2.2…. Dynamic of the Earth (15) Which forces are driving the plates?...
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