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Prof. M. Fall - University of Ottawa 8 Plate Tectonics : driving forces When the rock liquide of the mantle rises to the surface, the heat develops very slows movements (speed ~ 1 cm/year) in the solid rocks of the mantle 2.2…. Dynamic of the Earth (14) Questions b 1) What are the three layers of the Earth? b 2) The Earth’s crust is very ______? b 3) The mantle is the largest layer of the Earth? True or False b 4) Is the Outer Core a liquid or a solid? b Consequences Source: J.-P. Bardet The plate tectonics have allowed to find rigourous explanations and to understand following natural phenomena that affect the Earth crust Earthquake (EQ)
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Unformatted text preview: Volcanoes Rock deformation The ranges of mountains In this course, we will learn earthquake and rock deformation more in detail, since these phenomena are more important than the others in civil engineering 2.2…. Dynamic of the Earth (14) Source: J.-P. Bardet EQ causes huge damages human, economical , social Damages Earthquake (1) 17 january 1995 EQ in Kobe, Japan Magnitude : 6,9 Duration : 20 seconds Injured : 33 000 died : 5 470 17 january 1994 EQ in Santa Clarita en Californie Magnitude : 7,0 Duration : 15 seconds Injured : +9 000 died : 57 Damages Earthquake (2)...
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