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A9R18EC.tmp 9 - The figure presented below shows an example...

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Prof. M. Fall - University of Ottawa 9 EQ induced landslide Damages Earthquake (3) Tilting of the apartment buildings caused by Liquefaction induced EQ in Niigata (Japan), 1964 www.ce.washington.edu Damages Earthquake (4) EQ induced Tsunami www.i ees.ac.ir www.indiatogether.org Damages Earthquake (5) The Tsunami (name from Japanese) provokes an highly destructive phenomenon resulting from a movement of the sea underwater; this movement can be induced by Earthquake, volcanic eruption or landslide
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Unformatted text preview: The figure presented below shows an example of Tsunami cause by an EQ. Source P. A. Bourque, 2004 Tsunami Earthquake (7) Tsunami waves Retreat Swelling of ocean surface Source P. A. Bourque, 2004 Tsunami Les séismes (8) breaking b Impact (meteorites) b Volcanic eruption b Plate tectonics : fault displacement, movement of the plates. .. Origin Earthquake (6)...
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