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Prof. M. Fall - University of Ottawa 13 Evaluation? Source: FEMA Earthquake (26) Source S. Vanapal i Evaluation? Earthquake (27) Deformation (1) Source P. A. Bourque, 2004 When the earth’s crust is subjected to stress, it becomes deformed. When the stress is higher than the resistance of the material (soils , rocks), the material is deformed; in turn this results in shape and volume change of the material. There are three main types of deformation that affect the earth’s crust: : élastic , plastic and brittle (a fourth type, i.e. the viscous deformation, that applied to fluid, is not addressed here). 2.2…. Dynamic of the Earth (14)
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Unformatted text preview: 2.2…. Dynamique de la Terre Deformation (2) Source P. A. Bourque, 2004 The following figure shows the general relationship betwenn stress and deformation Elastic deformation Plastic deformation deformation Point of failure Limit of elasticity Stress Forces applied Elastic deformation Brittle (earthquake) Plastic deformation Source: Jean Vail ancourt Source P. A. Bourque, 2004 There are two types of stresses that can deform the rocks : the compressive stresses and the tensile stresses . Deformation under compressive stress ( coaxial ) Deformation (4) 2.2…. Dynamic of the Earth (14)...
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