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Prof. M. Fall - University of Ottawa 15 Source P. A. Bourque, 2004 Brittle deformation – strike slip Deformation (11) 2.2…. Dynamic of the Earth (14) Normal fault Source: A. Randrianasolo Example Deformation (13) Question You see the crack in the ground created by an earthquake. In which direction the rock on both sides of the crack it moved? Photo USGS : http://quake.wr.usgs.gov/research/geology/mongolia98/previous.html
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Unformatted text preview: Source: J. Vail ancourt Deformation (14) Deformation (15) Source P. A. Bourque, 2004 To describe the geographical characteristics of the geological structures, we use : The dip The strike Measure Source: A. Randrianasolo Strike and dip Deformation (16) Measure b N090° b 30°E Deformation (15) Measure...
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