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Prof. M. Fall - University of Ottawa 16 Lecture outline Chap. 1: Geological Materials and Processes 1. Introduction 2. The Earth 3. The materials 4. Weathering and erosion of the materials 3 The materials Objectives To acquire knowledge necessary to answer following questions : What are the main materials of the Earth’s crust (EC) ? What is a soil? What is a rock What are the different types of rocks? How are they formed? 3 The materials Outline 3.1 Introduction 3.2 The rocks 3.3 The minerals (to be discussed in e Lab) What is a soil? In the geotechnics, the soils is defined as a naturel aggregate of mineral particles containing a liquid (water, generally) or gas (mostly air) in the pores between the particles (grains). The mineral grains must be able to be
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