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A9R18EC.tmp 24 - Chemical weathering Hydrolysis...

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Prof. M. Fall - University of Ottawa 24 Chemical weathering Oxidation Formation of Karst Chrystèle Verati Chemical weathering Some types of carbonate rock underlies topography containing numerous natural depressions, known as sinkholes . The topography is known as karst topography. Limestone and dolomite, both carbonate rocks, are soluble and susceptible to chemical weathering. Formation of Karst May 8, 1981, Winter Park, FL (a parking lot with two Porsches was destroyed)
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Unformatted text preview: Chemical weathering Hydrolysis Cleopatra’s Needle, (Egypt) Source: New York Public Library, Locan History and Genealogy Division Granite in dry climate Chemical weathering Source: Runk/Schoenberger/Grant Heilman Granite in humid Climate Hydrolysis Cleopatra’s Needle, (Central Park, NYC) Chemical weathering 4 Weathering and erosion… 4.1 Weathering of materials 4.2 Erosion of materials 4.3 Soil formation...
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