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Prof. M. Fall - Uniersity of Ottawa Prof. M. Fall - Uniersity of Ottawa 7 4.1 Introduction Definitions Relevance Definitions Clay/Clay Mineral? Don’t mix clay up with clay mineral . The word clay can mean (1) clay from grain size point of view (2) as well as clay from mineralogical point of view 0.002 μ m 200 63 2.36 0.075 h clay, silt, sand, gravel clay Silt Sand Gravel Gobbles Boulders Clay particles 4.1 Introduction 4.3 Different types of clay minerals 4.4 Fundamental properties of … 4.2 Structure of clay minerals 4.The clay minerals 4.1 Structure of clay mineral Clays are layered minerals made of . . . . . . together they form . . . 2.1 Structure of clay mineral
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Unformatted text preview: Clay minerals are made of two distinct structural units. .2 6 n m oxygen silicon Silicon tetrahedron aluminium or magnesium 0.29 nm hydroxyl or oxygen Aluminium Octahedron Source Siva If the centers of oxygens are connected, one obtains a volume which forms a tetrahedron, the basic tetrahedron. Silicon occupies the center of the tetrahedro n . The calculation of the electric charges shows that a tetrahedron is negatively charged. oxygène silice Silicon tetrahedron Source James Charges balance Silicon Oxygen 2.1 Structure of clay mineral...
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