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CVG-2107 (Chapter 2) 12

CVG-2107 (Chapter 2) 12 - clay mineral will allow to...

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Prof. M. Fall - Uniersity of Ottawa Prof. M. Fall - Uniersity of Ottawa 12 4.1 Introduction 4.3 Different types of clay minerals 4.4 Fundamental properties of … 4.2 Structure of clay minerals 4.The clay minerals Some basic concepts 4.4 Fundamental properties of…… Double diffusive layer Electrochemical properties of clay minerals Interactions clay-water (swelling of clays) Cation exchange capacity (CEC) 4.4 Fundamental properties of…… The phenomena occurring at the particle level of clay mineral have a more fundamental role in the overall response or behaviour of soils containing active clay minerals. The study of the fundamental properties of
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Unformatted text preview: clay mineral will allow to understand the swelling or shrinkage behaviour of expansive soil Some basic concepts The water molecules Made of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen Dipolar structure + +-Pole negatively loaded Pole positively loaded 4.4 Fundamental properties of…… Polar Molecule H(+) H(+) O(-) Hydrogen bond Salt in aqueous solution hydration The water molecule 4.4 Fundamental properties of…… Some basic concepts Specific Surface 4.4 Fundamental properties of…… Some basic concepts h surface area per unit mass (m 2 /g) h smaller the grain, higher the specific surface...
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