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Marketing Mix Individual Paper - Running head MARKETING MIX...

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Running head: MARKETING MIX 1 Marketing Mix Charisma Miranda University of Phoenix Marketing MKT 421 Carlos A. Cons, MBA February 16, 2011
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Marketing Mix This individual assignment requires description of the elements of marketing mix in regards to a chosen organization. Also to discuss the four elements of marketing mix in how it affects the organization. Each element must have implementation description on how it was established. The last portion of the paper will include the existence of the industry that the organization exists. The marketing mix is simply a combination of tools that allows the business to strategize effectively. There are four components of a traditional marketing mix. They are product, price place and promotion and are known as the 4 P’s in marketing. There are four new customer- based which are known as 4 C’s in marketing. They are the consumer side of marketing: cost, customer value, convenience and communication. The 4 P’s in marketing is used in all organization specifically to their needs and their marketing strategy. This term was first used by a Harvard professor, Mr. Neil Borden. He used these terms to describe the various elements, and give an example of the use of these elements. The main purpose of the marketing mix is to section the business into pieces that can be arranged on the needs of the customers the company is trying to attract. It is very important because while breaking down the company into different segments, the company can easily identify opportunities. This information is very important because the company can then focus on a specific market segment. In this paper I will be using the hospital I work for in Glendale,
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Marketing Mix Individual Paper - Running head MARKETING MIX...

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