hw3-010 - ,SantaBarbara ChE120B Heat Transfer Winter 2010...

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Department of Chemical Engineering University of California, Santa Barbara ChE120B Heat Transfer Winter 2010 Homework 3 Out: Wednesday, January 27, 2003 In: Monday, February 3, 2010 Read: Sections 3, 4 of notes 1. Evaluate the thermal diffusivity of air, water and steel at room temperature. 2. Steel spheres to be used in special stealth bomber shells made at the Guns R Us Co must be cooled after being formed before being packed with gunpowder into the shell casings. Otherwise, the hot steel might ignite the gunpowder in the shells with obvious negative impacts on employee morale. Your idea to speed up production and meet the competition head on is to allow the hot spheres to fall through a bath of viscous oil to shorten the cooling time. Your goal is to determine the depth of the oil bath through which the spheres, initially at a temperature T o , must fall. The bath is well stirred at a constant temperature T f . The density of the steel spheres is 7800 kg/m 3 . The thermal conductivity of the steel is 61 W/cm-K, C p
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hw3-010 - ,SantaBarbara ChE120B Heat Transfer Winter 2010...

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