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Sheet1 Page 1 1. Growth Poteintial is measuered by P/E ratio 2. Current Ratio measures Current Assetts/Current Liabilities 3. Debt to Asset ratio IS NOT profibiality ratio 4. Statement of Cash Flows does not include dividends paid 5. Payment/receiving of interest is Operating Activities 6. Reciving Dividends is Operating Activities 7. Perioidic Payments/Reception are all operating, "Wages, Depecreation, Net Income, Accounts Payable/Receivable " 8. Paying Dividends are Financing Activites 9. A Large Stock dividend issuance is over 25 % and is caculated at par vaule 10. A Small stock dividend issuance is under 25 % and is caculated at (Market - Par), with the difference under account "Addi t 11. Accural Based marketing is revenue and expense recorded as they are incured, 12. Periodic Inventory system means inventory is updated at peroidic basis 13. Perpetual Inventory System Means after each transaction 15. Specific ID system, type of inventory recording that tracks each item transaction 16. FIFO- oldest goods sold first first in first out
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