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Poor people perceptions in America

Poor people perceptions in America - Poor people...

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Poor people perceptions in America, Poor people are portrayed in a certain way in America, when the people speak of the poor, they speak of a certain demographic, they may speak of the working poor, and the people who tend to have blue-collar jobs, with names like Billy or Joe. They may be of a certain ethnic background, (here surprisingly when we talk of blue-collar jobs or the working poor, I think of white Italian American names, not saying that there are others but it is interesting to know what first pops up in one’s head), they have certain accented speech, may eat and shop at certain areas of commerce. I believe that poor people have an image attributed to them to the media that while is not definite, will and do sway a lot of people n mislabeling those who are poor. I think the media presents not only a falsified image, but a falsified stereotype of the poor people’s conditions in America, I choose a image not of one that is widely spread, but one that I think shouts out the most to me of the daily differences and social perceptions that we as Americans believe when it comes to poverty in America.
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This image is of the inside of a public transportation vehicle, more specifically that of a subway, I say public transportation vehicle due to I believe the Shunning Public Transportation due to the social perception that it is for “poor people”. I believe that this image speaks volumes for how the social media portrays people; those who are not poor, or even those who are poor tend to shun public transportation due to the perception that “only poor people ride public transportation”. Thus it is assumed that if you ride the subway, or the bus, then you are doing so because you cannot afford the insurance and the car payments, that you ride the bus system not because you may find it convenient or other personal reasons, but that you ride it because you have no other choice due to your economic situation. Thus there is a social stigma of public transportation, a place where only those
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Poor people perceptions in America - Poor people...

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