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poverty paper - Poverty Simulation Essay The Poverty...

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Poverty Simulation Essay The Poverty Simulation exercise was relatively tame compared to actual life in poverty, Being from a family who were emigrants to America and worked themselves up to middle-class, I experienced the difficulties of living in poverty, although when one lives in poverty one does not see himself as poor, as his peers and other individuals of his class live within and around him. I think the poverty simulation lacked the oppressing frustration of being poor, not only do the poor need to work harder to get access to free resources, it takes them longer time to achieve and accomplish daily tasks. For example, not having a car will place you at the mercy of the bus schedule, being placed on a bus or public transportation schedule will limit your time and mobility, a simple task as shopping for groceries for a average person may take a poor person twice or three times as much time to accomplish. When the poor have to take more time to accomplish daily things, this further encumbers them as they have less time to devote to bringing themselves out of poverty. Personally I can survive in poverty, not only do I know I can survive in poverty, I can thrive and bring myself out of poverty, I know this because my parents have done so, my parent’s friends have done so. I feel that this simulation did limit the resources accessible to the poor and thus
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poverty paper - Poverty Simulation Essay The Poverty...

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