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1.One in eight Americans now lives in poverty.  A family of four is considered poor if the family’s income is below $19,971 2. 12.6 percent were poor in 2005, 31 percent had incomes below 200% of poverty threshold 3.  One third of all Americans will experience poverty within a 13-year period 4. One percent of Americans control 20 percent, poorest 20 % have 3.4 % nation’s income 5.  Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit, EITC)
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Employee Free Choice Act, requires employers to recognize unions if a majority of workers vote yes 7. Pell Grants- Higher education grants 8. One in eight Americans lives in poverty 9. 1/5 of children are poor 10. 31 percent of poor families include a worker full time 11. The Poverty line is roughly 1 person 10k and increase for 4k for each extra family member...
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