The High cost of Poverty

The High cost of Poverty - The High cost of Poverty Being...

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The High cost of Poverty, Being poor is not cheap, it is not cheap because if it was cheap then so many people would not be so poor, I went to several stores and the feeling I got was that of a hushed oppression, everyone was busy doing their own things and trying to get as quickly and as quietly out of the stores. I went to ColorTyme Sales and Lease and Best Buy to compare items, a computer desk, a TV, and a laptop. The differences were meteorically high. A typical walk in to a rent a store, you have no shopping cart, or shopping cart pushers, it is a plain door, and you do not have much parking space as you normally have in big time brand name stores. The interest they charge is in weekly or monthly payments and you often have to pay in the end two to three times the market value of the actual product, many products such as brand name electronics are not present, such as Apple or Sony. They do not even show the real prices, and often have exceptions to their contracts that you have to abide by. I did not tell the store personal that I was doing a project, but
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