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MGT 4478 INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT FALL SEMESTER 2010 INSTRUCTOR TAN KHONG SIN CONTACT [email protected] / 06- 252 3210 AVAILABILITY Monday 3.30 p.m.-6.30 p.m. CONSULTATION HOUR NA COURSE DESCRIPTION An analysis of topics important to successful international business operations. Included in the course are considerations of foreign ownership, control of overseas operations, decision making, human resource management, logistics, production, marketing and finance. COURSE OBJECTIVES On completion of the course, the student should be able to: 1. Analyze the basic legal, political and economic features associated with the external business environment of international management in a country 2. Describe the concept of “national culture” and explain how the culture of one group of people can be distinguished from that of another; 3. Explain why “national culture" should or should not be the driving force in designing HR programs; 4. Name and locate on a map dominant trading countries and trading blocs in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia; 5. Compare and contrast the modes of entry available to a firm evolving into a multinational enterprise and apply that knowledge to a written internationalization project report; 6. Describe methods used to analyze and assess political risk, and explain how MNCs apply those methods as they attempt to manage the level of political risk in less developed countries; 7. Compare and contrast the basic choices for organizing firms involved in international business; 8. Apply an ethical decision-making model to management problems found in contemporary international settings. PUTRA INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE IN PARTNERSHIP WITH  TROY UNIVERSITY
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COURSE PREREQUISITES: MGT 3371 Principles of Management COURSE REQUIREMENTS: The student will be expected to attend scheduled class meetings and complete reading assignments prior to class. CLASSROOM ADMINISTRATI ON: Students are expected to: 1. Punctually attend all scheduled classes. Students who arrive at class after roll call will be counted absent. 2. Be responsible for all instructions and assignments given in class as well
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