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simulation wk3 - and vision goals Management should analyze...

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Simulation 1 Simulation Review Marnee Grant MGT 330 Mr. Duane A. Lee May 30, 2005
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Simulation 2 In relation to the simulation, the major factor that influenced the levels of planning is the airport’s location. The airport is easily assessable for passengers from the many surrounding cities. Because of the geographic position, there is potential revenue to be generated from the Wild Fire Forest tourists that it attracts. With Gregg County’s emergence of the new Interstate, natural oil and gas resources, and its location on the natural east-west transportation artery, has resulted an increase in the county’s population. The first function of management in strategic planning is to develop the mission
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Unformatted text preview: and vision goals. Management should analyze the external opportunities and threats as well as the internal strengths and weakness. A SWOTT analysis should be devised to help summarize the facts and forecasts that derived from the external and internal analyses. Next, the plan needs to be implemented into the business effectively and effciently. The final function of management in strategic planning is to create a system where there is strategic control. The goal of the strategic management is to pursue and identify the organization’s mission by aligning the organization’s internal capabilities with the external demands of the environment....
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