OS Concepts: Chapter 4

OS Concepts: Chapter 4 - Student #: 22902100 Handin name:...

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Student #: 22902100 Handin name: pb5 Chapter 4 Ex 4.7 In modern operating systems, a thread is the smallest unit of execution which generally results from a fork of a program. Although different OSs treats threads differently, for all OSs a thread is contained within a process and share resources among themselves. On a single-processor system, multithreading occurs by means of multitasking where the processor context-switches between different threads and the user gets the impression such that the threads are running at the same time. On the other hand, on a multiprocessor or a multi-core system, the number of processors or cores determines the number of threads it can handle at once. Therefore, if more than one thread is performing an I/O operation on the same device then there is no point in using a multithreading because the process would have to wait indefinitely for the device to respond. Similarly, because more while a process is performing a read/write operation on a data it has to be locked so no other task can change it and therefore in a multithreading environment other threads would have to wait until the data has been freed. In this case, multithreading would come to no effect too. Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thread_(computer_science) Ex 4.8 A thread library provides the developers an application programming interface (API) for creating and managing threads. There can be two ways to provide this service - user threads and kernel threads.
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OS Concepts: Chapter 4 - Student #: 22902100 Handin name:...

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