Analyzing Prejudice Reflection Paper

Analyzing Prejudice Reflection Paper - Malik 1 Asim Babar...

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Malik 1 Asim Babar Malik Professor Senyshyn CAS 471 17 March 2011 Analyzing Prejudice I have never considered myself to be a prejudiced person. Coming from a culturally mixed and very diverse background accepting and enjoying differences between myself and others has always been a feature which people seem to define me by. Although this may be the case, I often catch myself making assumptions about groups of people based on my individual experiences that may not be very accurate. Fortunately, I’ve been able to develop myself in a way that leaves my thoughts open to change, in hopes that I can learn from others and my own mistakes, taking into account that although we all may have similarities greater to some more than others, we are all different and more importantly, we are all human beings and are subject to fallibilities. After being educated on the subject of stereotypes and prejudice, I have come to see that these things are very different, and although one may lead to the other, this can be avoided very easily by understanding how and why prejudices form, and analyzing and evaluating my own stereotypes to make them more accurate to the actual truth of the matter. Everyone stereotypes. It is the way we categorize our world in order to better understand what is going on around us and why. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we are doing anything wrong; we are simply trying to explain something strange or foreign to us, and whether it is attributed as something negative or positive depends on how we perceive the information presented to us. With this new information about stereotyping and prejudice I have been able to look back on previous experiences and objectively analyze what was actually going on in those situations. Because I
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Malik 2 have come to understand the difference between stereotyping and prejudice, I can honestly say that I do stereotype, but prejudice is something I do not have. Stereotyping is a practice while prejudice is an attitude, a negative one at that; prejudice is never positive. This type of attitude is simply one I choose not to hold against anyone. Thinking about the ways stereotyping and prejudice has affected me in the past, I have remembered two incidences: one in which I was the source of a negative stereotype, and one in which I was the target of prejudice. I recall back to a time when I was in the passenger seat of my mother’s vehicle with my mother
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Analyzing Prejudice Reflection Paper - Malik 1 Asim Babar...

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