Tort Theories

Tort Theories - o Implied Warranties of Merchantability and...

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BSL_22: Products Liability 17:48 Contract Theories UCC Warranties o Warranty of Title (automatic/implicit when you buy goods) o Express Warranty (an explicit promise from the seller about the goods) Affirmative statement of fact (not opinion, value, etc) Sample or Model (express warranty guarantees conformity with sample) o Implied Warranty of Merchantability  (limited to a merchant seller) Goods are fit for the “ordinary purpose” for which such goods are used o Implied Warranty of Fitness for a particular purpose (not limited to merchant Must show: Seller knew or had reason to know of buyers purpose AND Seller knew or had reason to know that the Buyer was relying on Seller AND Buyer does rely on the seller in making their purpose Disclaimer of Warranties o Warranty of Title- can be disclaimed explicitly or implicitly o Express Warranty- very difficult to disclaim
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Unformatted text preview: o Implied Warranties of Merchantability and Fitness can be disclaimed Disclaimer must be explicit and conspicuous (not circumstance) (“As Is” sales have no warranty) Tort Theories • Negligence/Recklessness o Based on concepts of “reasonableness” and “forseeability” • Strict liability/ liability without fault o (Producer of a product can be held liable by damages of the produce even if he did nothing wrong, and did everything right) o defendant is a merchant o AND defendant sold the product in a defective condition o AND defect rendered the product unreasonably dangerous o AND plaintiff was harmed by defect Defenses • Statutes of limitation • Comparative negligence- Reduce the plaintiffs recovery by the amount that they conclude the plaintiffs own negligence contributed to their injury o Pure or Mixed 17:48 17:48...
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Tort Theories - o Implied Warranties of Merchantability and...

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