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BSL_11- Conduct Invalidating Assent

BSL_11- Conduct Invalidating Assent - BSL_11 16:53...

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BSL_11 16:53 Acceptance Duress- wrongful coercion Physical Durres o Void contract Economic/ Social Duress o Results in voidable contract o Subjected to improper threat Threat to commit crime or tort Threat to breach a contract Threat to file criminal charges Civil lawsuit threat is not improper o AND no reasonable alternative Undue Influence Courts will look at relationship between the parties o Fiduciary relationship- special relationship of trust and confidence recognized by  the law o Dependence? AND unfair persuasion Misrepresentation Innocent or fraudulent o Fraudulent misrepresentation is made knowingly and with the intent to deceive If you can show fraud, you can cancel the contract but you can also be  compensated in civil court o Innocent misrepresentation  Elements o
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