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Lauren Dixon Mr. LaRock OCS 1005 March 21, 2011 Chapter 9 Homework 1. Why does water tend to flow around the periphery of an ocean basin? Why are western boundary currents the fastest in the ocean? How do they differ from eastern boundary currents? The Coriolis effect influences any moving mass as long as it is moving; the gravity powered movement of water down the pressure gradient also effects how the water tends to flow around the periphery of an ocean basin. When driven by wind, the topmost layer of ocean water in the Northern Hemisphere flows at about 45 degrees to the right of wind direction. The western boundary currents are narrow, fast deep currents that move water poleward in each of the gyres. Eastern boundary currents carry cold water equatorward and are shallow and broad. 2. What causes El Nino? How does an El Nino situation differ from normal current flow? What are the usual consequences of El Nino? El Nino is caused when the tradewinds weaken or reverse and when there is high pressure in the
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