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Final- Case Studies - I SDS 2001 Chapter 4 Case Studies 1-9...

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ISDS 2001 Chapter 4 Case Studies 1-9 Application Case 4.1 Data Help Foretell Customer Needs, page 136 Problem: Needed better customer relationship management (CRM) at First Health Group Corp. for their customers and their health plans. Solution: Developed a data mining CRM application Benefits: Reduced claims turnaround time and decreased number of pending claims. Data mining tasks were conducted automatically and allowed quick discovery even by non-programmers. Application Case 4.2 Motor Vehicle Accidents and Driver Distractions, page 139, is an example of hypothesis-driven data mining. Problem: Needed a way to study the correlation between motor vehicle accidents and driver distractions. Solution: Three data mining techniques were used on crash information from Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS): a) Kohonen networks detected clusters and revealed patterns of input variables. b) Decision trees explored and classified the effect of each incident on successive events and suggested the relationship between inattentive drivers and physical/mental conditions. c) A neural network model was trained and tested to observe the effectiveness of the model. Data mining software tools by SPSS Inc. , an IBM company, were used.
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Benefits: Cluster analysis was combined with other data mining techniques to accurately verify the assumptions that the causes of certain accidents were
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Final- Case Studies - I SDS 2001 Chapter 4 Case Studies 1-9...

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