VERTERBRATEs - 1. .Which of the following is a...

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1. .Which of the following is a characteristic of chordates? Correct Answer: a true body cavity (coelom) 2.Species of which of the following animal phyla are deuterostomes? Correct Answer: Both the third and fourth answers are correct. 3. All members of the phylum Chordata, whether human or lancelet, share certain key features. Which of the following traits is NOT characteristic of all chordates? Correct Answer: bony endoskeleton 4. The only chordate feature present in adult humans is the _________. Your Answer: dorsal, hollow nerve cord 5. The invertebrate chordates lack _________. Your Answer: a backbone 6. Which of the following enables you to identify the lamprey species that are parasitic? Your Answer: bony skeletons Correct Answer: suckerlike mouths lined with teeth Incorrect. Lampreys don't have a bony skeleton, which is not necessarily characteristic of a parasitic lifestyle. 7. Cartilaginous fish are characterized by _________. Your
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VERTERBRATEs - 1. .Which of the following is a...

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