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Characteristics of Animals

Characteristics of Animals - Earliest animals had tissues...

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Characteristics of Animals Multi-cellular Hetetrophic Lack Cell walls Ability to respond rapidly to external stimuli When were most animals present by? Cambrian period (544 million years ago) What are the evolutionary milestones? The appearance of tissues Appearance of body symmetry Protosome and deuterostome development What are tissues? Groups of similar cells that carry out a specific function
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Unformatted text preview: Earliest animals had tissues. T/F • False, earliest animals had no tissues What are the only modern day animal that have no tissues? • Sponges, individual cells may be specialized but they act independently 3 Types of Animal Tissues Layers • Ectoderm (Top) • Mesoderm (Middle) • Endoderm (Bottom) 3 Types of Symmetry • Radial • Bilateral • Asymmetric...
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