Mass Communication Test 3

Mass Communication Test 3 - Mass Communication Test 3...

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Mass Communication Test 3 Internet Global network of interconnected computers that communicate freely Licklider Foresaw “home computer consoles” and television sets connected in a nationwide network Babbage 1880s produced designs for “computer” that could conduct algebraic computations using stored memory and punchcards Colossus Developed by Britain to break Germany’s secret codes during World War II, was first electronic digital computer ENIAC First super computer in United States at the University of Pennsylvania ARPA Moved into pre internet because we were concerned about Russians blowing up America Commissioned Paul Baran of Rand Corporation to produce plan to enable US military to maintain command over its missiles and planes if a nuclear attack disabled conventional means of communication Packet Switching Breaks thing up and send them through different paths and reassemble at end; done by ARPA Protocols Common communication rules and languages that enable any type of computer with any operating system to communicate with another computer Kahn and Cerf established TCP and IP. TCP Stands for transmission control protocol which controls how data are sent out on internet IP Stands for Internet Protocol which provides the address for each computer or internet Term internet Coined in 1973 as an abbreviation for inter networking of networks Bill Gates and Paul Allen
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Founded Microsoft and licensed operating system- the software that tells the computer how to work GUI The way I can move a mouse around without having to type commands into a computer Apple Low cost, easy to use microcomputer designed specifically for personal use and known
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Mass Communication Test 3 - Mass Communication Test 3...

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