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Chapter Learning Objectives Chapter 27: Community Interactions 27.1 Why are community interactions important? Define ecological community o All the interacting populations within an ecosystem ; Community is the biotic, or living, component of an ecosystem List the categories of interspecific interactions and explain how each interaction may affect the population densities of the two species involved o Native populations within communities have evolved together. They go through coevolution, the evolution of adaptations in 2 species due to their extensive interaction, and they act as agent in natural selection o Community persists in a balance between populations o Introductions of exotic species destroys balance 27.2 What is the relationship between ecological niche and competition? Explain the competitive exclusion principle and describe the experiment that illustrates this principle o If two species occupy the same niche, one will win and the other will die out o Gause’s experiment with paramecium: When the two things were grown
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Chapter_27_Learning_Objectives - Chapter Learning...

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