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Blake Lecture 11-19-08 - 2/m 1 = r 1/r 2(effusion...

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Gas Equations: Changing Conditions P i V i = n i R i T i P f V f = n f R f T f Closed Container; don’t add or remove gas then n i = n f A = B C = D A/C = B/D P i V i / P f V f = T i /T f V f = P i /P f * T f /T i * V i ***Increase in Pressure, decrease in Volume*** Effusion – problems purifying U-235, U-238; put UF 6 in a box and then put a whole in it, the smaller gases would hit the whole faster then the higher density gases. **You allow a gas to escape through a small whole, the lighter ones get out first** sqrt(m
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Unformatted text preview: 2 /m 1 ) = r 1 /r 2 (effusion rates)(Effuse faster, higher rate) sqrt(m 1 /m 2 ) = t 1 /t 2 (lighter molecules take less time) N 2 + 3H 2 = 2NH 3 Real Gas Equation (van der Waals equation) • Size of Molecules • Molecular Attractions / Repulsions ***POLAR SHAPES: unbalanced structures; bent; Trigonal pyramidal; t-shaped; see-saw*** ***NONPOLAR: balanced structures; linear; Trigonal planar; tetrahedral***...
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