Blake Lecture 9-15-08

Blake Lecture 9-15-08 - 9-15-08 Blake Chemistry Notes What...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-15-08 Blake Chemistry Notes What is the name of TiCl2? 1. Tin (II) Chloride 2. Tin Dichloride 3. Tin Chloride 4. Titanium Chloride 5. Titanium Dichloride 6. Titanium (II) Chloride – ANSWER What is the molecular mass of sodium carbonate? 1. 67 amu 2. 83 amu 3. 90 amu 4. 99 amu 5. 106 amu - ANSWER The Method 1. Balance equation 2. Convert units 3. Answer the question: with each reagent, how much product can we make? -Use coefficients of balanced equation -Choose the least amount of product 4. From the amount of product made, we know how much of each reactant we use -Coefficients again 5. Get amount left by difference If you react 4.5 grams of methane (4.5 grams / 16 GFM = 0.28 moles of methane) with 15 grams of oxygen (15 grams / 32 GFM = 0.469 moles of oxygen), how much water do you make? CH4 + 2O2 = CO2 + 2H2O • • • • 2 Waters for every two oxygens If used all of methane (0.28 moles), I can have two Waters (0.56 moles) If used all of oxygen (0.469 moles), I can have same amount of water (0.469 moles) –ANSWER OXYGEN IS THE LIMITING REAGENT THEREFORE (0.469 MOLES * 18 = 8.442 GRAMS) Classifying Reactions • Types of Equations 1. Molecular -Written as if all reactants and products were neutral molecules 2. Total Ionic -All reactant and product components are included. Dissociated salts are included. Dissociates salts are written as component ions 3. Net Ionic -Any reactants that do not change removed from the equation BaCl2 (aq) + 2AgNO3 (aq) = 2AgCl (s) + Ba(NO3)2 Total Equations: Ba2+ + 2Cl- + 2Ag+ + 2NO3 = 2AgCl + Ba2+ + 2NO3-mm • Types of Reactions 1. Two Classification Schemes -Useful and Difficult -Useless and Easy ...
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Blake Lecture 9-15-08 - 9-15-08 Blake Chemistry Notes What...

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