2 Hitchcock B

2 Hitchcock B - THE GOLD PERIOD 1951 Strangers on a Train...

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THE GOLD PERIOD 1951 - S trangers on a Train - the magic is back. Sounded the alarm that Hitch is back. 1951-1964 masterpieces one after another. Was a novel – Patrica Highsman – angry lesbian- Made some changes. Not the book. Tone is fine. Lot of problems with censors. When to Dashiel Hamlet, but declined- Raymond Chandler- said okay. Chandler and Hitchcock hated each other. Orhmand came in after Chandler called Hitch fat. Chandler disowned. Demonstration of murder, unwed child is there. Bruno’s homosexualitywas to be toned down. Rated B- morally objectible. Thematic of Doppelganger – structure motif. Two people at the center Bruno and Guy. Both are split and double. Bruno the dark side of Guy. DUALITY theyare bad people but then at the fair they go one rides, eat ice cream, pop corn. The universe doesn’t care- a murder at a carnival – Cosmic Indifference Self Reflexitivy – Art of Murder projected in the frames of the glasses- frame within a frame. The whole thing of sin is built on the eyes- Sin- her glasses – a blind guy at the end – ends it with a blindness- EYES are the gateway to sin Accident is a construct. Unheimlech – banal objects insight greatness. Technologies of movement- construction- trains, cars, love tunnel boats. 1952- Pat was married (daughter) Hitchcock moved to Bellagio in Bel Air. Hitch was really into art and wine. I CONFESS – In house produced. French play called our two conciousness. Here they have a priest. Sex is implied- a childe is implied. The ending- Priest is hung. The church wouldn’t allow that, Green wouldn’t allow that. Montgomery Cliff was in. They wanted Jimmy Stewart but he said no . Quebec as location. Old World, Looking up- Line confusion. First shot that moves- is the murdered victim. Commercial Success. The French Cahier du Cinema – best he ever did – in the 60’s Morally Ambiguous - Father is the wrong man- but he is the objective of the gaze of speculation of interpretation, unlike all o ther characters in Hitch film- he is inscrutable. Priest – man of mystery. He’s Christ-crusification New villain- neurotic, outsider, poor, Eavesdroppers Serpent in the garden just appears . Confession- conscious urge to confess.
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Crippled girl, bike fall twice, bike wth flat tire, smoke over Quebec, jury box man will cover his baldness with his comb, jury man will blow his nose- what’s going on? I Confess- veiled Mccarthyism- refusal to talk under trial. Questions on I, Confess: Wrong people are accused – The Wrong Man.- They may be innocent but they are always guilty of something - Father Logan- Dial M for Murder – Hitch wanted a huge hit. – This was a money making play. Shot in Technicolor and 3D. Fall 1953 liked the gimmick at the time, but they had to wait for the play to end its run. Came out in Spring – no one went so they ditched the 3D. GRACE KELLY 1 st of 3 films with her. He is obsessed with order- planning to kill Grace Kelly’s character. The husband
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2 Hitchcock B - THE GOLD PERIOD 1951 Strangers on a Train...

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