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2 Hitchcock C - 10/6 Golden Period(1951-1954 Strangers on a...

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10/6 Golden Period (1951-1954) Strangers on a Train started it (1951) o Novel first, made changes o He disregarded censorship again (Bruno’s and Guy’s homosexual tendencies) o Thematic concept of Doppleganger Costume (shoes at the beginning) Train tracks (crossing each other at the beginning) 2 villains, 2 protagonists o Characters Moral ambiguity Both Mariam and Bruno o Bruno murders then helps blind man cross street o Bruno is charming and strong Miriam eats the ice cream and seems pleasant, but is the opposite o Themes Cosmic indifference (murder happens in public but nobody helps her) Impaired vision: glasses, perception problem Sex=death Self reflexivity: glasses framing the murder and stylizing it o Suspense Stretches time out. Einstinean montage (Carousel song around the fair before the murder) o Structuring devices Hands: strength of his hands, then his mom painting them Eyes: sin begins w/ eyes. We see murder through the glasses. Scene ends with Bruno helping blind guy (no sight) o Moral ambiguity Adultery of Bruno and Miriam Guy (montage of horses feet at the end= falace of masculine fight btw two guys o Accidents Structuring motif Tip of Bruno’s shoe touching the other guys Nobody expects danger out of a brush of a shoe Accident is part of the vision o Une hiemlich The lighter, carosel, shoe brush o Self reflexivity Bruno talks about murder constantly Technologies of movement Cars, boats etc have history in movies I Confess (1953) o French play from 1902 o Montgomery Cliff was hottest actor at the time o Opening of film Old-world setting (castles, courthouse, church) Tells us it’s a Catholic city o Low angle shots give power to the citizens o Murder is a release because it is the first shot that moves the camera o Signs pointing of arrows= we’re in a labrynth that we’ll never get out of o Characters Morally ambiguious
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Priest is immoral. Object of speculation. He’s inscrutable b/c he’s a priest and he is Christ-like because he is being crucified. There are only objective correlatives when he walks (maniquin w/out head etc) Montgomery Cliff (Father Logan) Method actor. Slept in monistary before Self-destructive. Gay. Vertigo (1958) Censorship o There were 10 problems, he reduced it to 6 Hitch got hernia during production, gets diseased gal bladder, Alma gets cervical cancer at the end of production. Sent Hitch out of control The film o All spaces are representations of characters Scottie’s apartment: half abstract/ half concrete o Use of filters: unusual lighting o Clothes: of Kim Novak: black/grey the whole time (she asked not to be in grey) o Title Sequence/ dream sequence: abstract o Casting: James Stewart as detective Kim Novak: object of investigation Midge: tony award winner o Only made 2.5 million, but in Europe it made more o Inspired DePalma and Scorsese
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2 Hitchcock C - 10/6 Golden Period(1951-1954 Strangers on a...

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