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2 Hitchcock E - Hitchcock CTCS 469-Drew Casper-Week 1...

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Hitchcock CTCS 469-Drew Casper-Week 1 25/08/2010 18:02:00 Hitchcock: Along with James Joyce, T.S. Elliot, Pablo Picasso, Coco Hitchcock helped define the 20 th century No other director has ever elicited so much scholarship Held a psychic mirror of our times and of our lives Introduction-What we’ll look at… External factors, methodology, state of film technology, energizers of his style, methods of production, 5 periods of classification: The apprenticeship (1915-1928)-9 films Sound (1929-1939)-Perfecting of a style-14 films Cross-over (1940-1950)-Appreciates the limitation of the British style-Starts an erratic search for a new style… Golden (1951-1964) ? History of Alfred: Strict Roman Catholic Family 5’5, crooked teeth, homely face St. Ignatius Loyola Enrolled in a Jesuit preparatory school=Latin, English, French… Jesuits sharpened his sense of control, discipline, functionality, fear; contributed to his worldview o At a Jesuit school, every year students undergo a retreat-I too am sinful; I too am a confluence of the good and evil of the world; I must transfer my guilt; Only in this way will I become a new man-The retreat was a transformation, just like all of Hitchcock’s films… He loved stories where good are undermined by chaos; alluding to The Brothers Grimm
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o The moral turn of the screws; real to the fantastical world Eettna Hoffman? Look up writer… Edgar Allan Poe “At 16 I discovered the works of Edgar Allan Poe…You get the impression that the same thing could happen to you tomorrow…” Hitchcock was also attracted to the gothic novels-The internal life of the imagination; dealing with emotion and thought of characters The London tabloids-The lower class newspapers; emphasis on sensational stories; Hitchcock loved these stories In Britain, theater guides direct you to either Drama, Comedy, Musical, or THRILLER-Influenced Hitchcock’s appetite. Hitchcock loved studying maps, traveling, theater, and going to movies. He also loved playing practical jokes. His father died when he was 15, so he had to transfer to a public school and work at the Henley Telegraph Company-He had to support his mother, brother, and sister. o He prepared illustrations for the company-“A smooth ride on your skin.” While at Henley he wrote a short story called “Gas.” It was at this time that he signed it “Hitch.” Small production branch of Paramount came North of London-He applied to do credit design and was hired full time. If you want to be an artist you need to let the world come in. Hitchcock was amazingly observant; a consummate watcher: He wrote it all down. He was given to solitude. He had a predisposition for
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2 Hitchcock E - Hitchcock CTCS 469-Drew Casper-Week 1...

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