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469 Hitch 20101006 10/6/10 6:01 PM Rope detective thriller murder as an art form neon - “storage” cyclorama is like the Greek chorus - changes throughout party Brandon and the Professor were lovers in the play, excised from the film - how did Hitch sneak this in? Triangles (people standing). Suits are complimentary in color. Deviously clever in terms of censors. Why so few cuts? Perfection of the filmmaking reflects the perfection of the murder. It’s confining, they can’t get out. Narcissism, egocentricity. Perspective - there is none - lack of perspective - like the boys who committed the murder. Paper topics - submit - be creative - pure - simple The Parradine Case based on two English murder cases - husband killers Hitch did it because he wanted out, not because he liked the film detective thriller commercial bust $4.258M - cost as much as Gone With the Wind Casper thinks it’s a master work Rope Under Capricorn Bergman has affair (irl), doesn’t want to come back to USA commercial failure *composition in depth long take (definition?)* end of period Stage Fright 1949 mystery thriller, social satire Pat - Hitch’s daughter just broke even Rebecca to Stage Fright - end of ??? period in America 1940-1949
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deal with the mind subjective introverted stars, glamour photography, O Selznick = better literary raises suspense thriller genre from B status to A status 3 Oscar noms for Best Director Production Methods “I have been the writer of the design of my films.” he loved the screenwriting stage, eat and drink with writers hired and fired writers he always wrote the last draft detailed storyboards - he loved this part - this is where the film was created framing every shot, staging, photographing 50-75 word of the story’s kernel 60 pages version writer writes, Hitch corrects he never took script credit Alma was his gatekeeper now I have to go and put it on film (least favorite part) hated direct confrontation 1951 - he ignored the censors (by this time)
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20101006 Hitch 469 - 469 Hitch 20101006 10/6/10 6:01 PM...

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