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20101013 Hitch 469-1

20101013 Hitch 469-1 - 20101013 Hitch 469 5:46 PM I Confess...

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20101013 Hitch 469 10/13/10 5:46 PM I Confess Imagery **exam question Why did the bicycle fall twice? Why the crippled girl crossing path? Why the dark smoke over town? Why the jurors cough, sneeze? Father Logan Every Hitchcock character is guilty of something . Guilty of obstructing justice by keeping his oath. Images of fragility associated with institutions. What is Logan guilty of? - Lust - coveting - happy that blackmailer is dead - maybe killed people in war. Thoughts are sins too. EXAM! Up to 1950 Up through last week Silent, Sound, American Rebecca - Stage Fright 1940 - 1950 Postwar Hollywood - must read! - thematics of Hitch - section on Suspense Thriller - Hitch’s world view - about 20 pages - 1946-1964 will not be talked about because it’s in the book. Genre - myth, conventions, iconography Tonight Dial M for Murder - 1964 wanted a big commercial hit so he could be an independent producer again (he’s still under contract) almost all of his sources were unknown, but this was well-known Frederick Knott - Brit playwright shot in Technicolor and 3D had to shelve film until Broadway run was over - released after the bloom was off the 3D rose - opened poorly in 3D - changed to 2D and it did really well. Grace Kelly - had been modeling and small roles cold, frosty appearance - underneath that unattainability was an attainable girl - she was a slut - irl
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married to former pro tennis player in Dial M character is ambiguous - poor man’s Cary Grant - he’s obsessed by order - more intense than Norman Bates in wanting order - fascinated by the perfect crime crime writer doesn’t believe in the perfect crime calls the crime in by remote control boyfriend from Saboteur - 2 nd appearance in Hitch film experiments in time - time is elongated trial is contracted in time self-reflexivity - description of what happened (speculation) - **unheimlich - key and phone remake - The Perfect Murder Last WB film The Wrong Man - made well into his Paramount contract - thought he
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20101013 Hitch 469-1 - 20101013 Hitch 469 5:46 PM I Confess...

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