20101206 Hitch Review

20101206 Hitch Review - 20101206 Hitch Review ? Fitzmaurice...

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20101206 Hitch Review 12/6/10 10:02 AM ??? Fitzmaurice - Famous Players Laskey After Rope, after 1950 - this exam Hitchcock style (all semester) Strangers on a Train unheimlich - lighter recapitulation scene - censorship problems - can point to it in every film, where Hitch ran afoul of the censors homosexuality, affairs, pregnancy out of wedlock how does it go outside the classical narrative - starts with accident - two people at its center, two storylines - multiple storylines Frenzy has six storylines, six points of view? Frenzy - what is against censors in that film? - long rape scene Strangers on a Train - motifs - eyes, hands I Confess bike falling, etc. - instances of man’s fragility also cosmic indifference? what type of film is it? wrong man film confession a structuring metaphor confession of a murder, confession of an affair, confession of blackmail opaque performance - what does that do? what is the film about? collision of public and private, collision of church law and government law christ allegory Dial M for Murder Grace Kelly - ice cold looking, fire inside ice that melts The Wrong Man documentary style tone = dark, downer
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cosmic indifference movie is about death in life Rear Window why censorship? - girl who drops her top, suicide, everything has to do with sex counterpoints Jimmy Stewart’s domestic problems, she’s more successful
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20101206 Hitch Review - 20101206 Hitch Review ? Fitzmaurice...

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