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hitchcock c

hitchcock c - Style Themes Construction of an antagonist...

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Style Themes Construction of an antagonist Good and bad Ambivalence Attractive Charming, gracious, soft spoken applying the means to the goal has a goal always cultured sometimes wealthy sometimes a family man threatening to the protagonists neurotic, scizophrenic deceptive signifcant number of villains are coded as homosexuals EXAMPLE OF ANTAGONIST (example scene, saboteur) Informal, friendly, seems caring about Susie not falling into the pool a motif that is part of all of Hitchcock's work that was in this example scene, ACCIDENTS, the baby throws the letters Either the gentleman villain or the clown villain Adventure in every film and a romance Essentially movement from personality to person is specifically embodied in adventure and romance. Protagonist grapples with an antagonist outside of himself The antagonist is not outside but alongside the protagonist in a romance Eros and Agape, this too is a condition (10:00) ?? But adventure and romance are trials for the protagonist TWO antagonists, one outside in the adventure structure and one alongside in the romance structure. EXAMPLE ADVENTURE Either thrust or comes about because the protagonist is curious about the adventure. Never confronted, faced, wrestled with the protagonist. The protagonist is caught up, intrigued by a state of anticipation but at the same tame repulsed by the adventure because it takes him out of habit and routine. The possibility of loosing control and power, the element of chaos and disorder. ROMANCE Where the antagonist is alongside the protagonist. Is riddled with the attraction for the romance as well as the fear for the other in the romance All relationships are dangerous because you risk betrayal
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A romance is riddled with intimacy and that bring on the terrible burden of responsibility. In intimacy you have to share, responible for the other not just yourself. Danger and burden of responsibility = you open yourself up you are not in power you are vulnerable Adultery, you loose control and are in a state of disorder and chaos If the film is centered around a female how does the female view the male? Habitual boring stubborn dumb making mistakes judging poorly voyeur obsessive fearful of being in a world that he has already made If the film is centered around a male how does the male view the female unreal or mysterious threatening chaotic masochistic dumb has to be controlled or silenced Hitchcock revealing himself in terms of relationships Connoisseur of the female “I like women who are ladies, who hold enough of themselves in reserve. //. ......... (16:00) Alma (mean soul) Was his closest friend, critic, collaborator Paid attention to no one like he did to alma In both instances of adventure and romance the antagonists are analogs or
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hitchcock c - Style Themes Construction of an antagonist...

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