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Wednesday, August 27, 2008: Five Periods of Hitchcock’s Career: The Silent Period in Britain (1922-1928) The Sound Period in Britain (1929-1939)- perfecting his own style of British film The Crossover Period (1940-1950)- quest for new style Golden Period (1951-1964)- Afterglow Period (1965-1966) Family: Father was a grocer. Youngest of three children to Irish-blooded lower middle-class. Parents instilled hard work in their children and rewarded them for it. Strict Roman Catholics. He later joined the Jesuits and got educated. It gave him sense of fear and value system, as well as instilling a discipline. Ignacius Loyola : The first influence on his work was St. Ignacius Loyola’s Spiritual Exercise of St. Ignacius. It talks about a retreat about viewing the history of the world. One saw the world’s sinfulness and struggle between good and evil. Later saw the world’s history to be like your own. You must confess and transfer guilt to someone else by calling on the mercy of Jesus Christ. This was a dry run for a Hitchcock movie. Literary Influences Loved order being undermined by chaos (Grimms’ Fairy Tales). E.T.A. Hoffman was an author who introduced some kind of nightmare- blend of humor and horror. Drawn to writings of Edgar Allen Poe, who helped give birth to the detective/mystery genre. And Gothic novels- man of mystery, persecuted heroine, representation of human psychology. Loved the subjectivity of it. Loved the London tabloids- emphasis on sensational stories. Other Hobbies: Studied maps, wall charts, travel schedules, going to films and plays, reading about films and stage productions, and play practical jokes. Career: Enrolled in school of engineering and navigation. 1915- joined Penley telegraph company and then in advertising preparing layouts and illustration for advertising brochures. All visual. Illustration of a train in countryside- a smooth ride over your skin- in an ad for cold cream. Evening classes at University of London- history and principles of art.
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At 18 years old- excused from service after medical exam. Lived through WWI. Short story- Gas . Woman’s drug induced hallucination in the dentist’s office. Was a party-giver. Well-liked. Had business managing a firm. When Paramount set up a branch in London, he became a designer of titles. Personality- amazingly observant. Consummate watcher. Wary of new situations and acquaintances. More into solitude than gregariousness. Very ordered and controlled. Displayed highly stylized speech and a certain walk. Felt safe in routine (black suit). Always stayed at the same suite and at the same hotel. Possessive- same actors. Sensitive to a slight and delivered slight in return. Uncomfortable with sexuality. Great ambition and precocious. Rarely did he compliment collaborators.
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Hitchcock Note - Wednesday Five Periods of Hitchcocks...

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