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hitchcock notes a - Hitchcock, September 8, 2010 Secret...

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Unformatted text preview: Hitchcock, September 8, 2010 Secret Agent/39 Steps: Confession scenes in 39 steps Annabella the spy confess to him that shes a spy Like a priest to the penentantHes placed higher than her in frame He confess to the blonde, with the same framing Circles in Secret Agent Buttons, roulette wheel, wheels, all these circles! What do they mean? Eh? Circle is movement with no progression Secret Agent didnt make much money, it was accepted asthetically though Sabotage Joseph Conrad wrote the novel to this film, called Secret Agent, and was a stage play in 1929 The darkest of Hitchs films of this period, the best, too. Hitch was drawn to minor works, not major classics, so he could turn them into his own things This is not a film by Conrad, it is HITCH He blamed the fact that it wasnt a commercial success because he did that to such a major book as Conrads novel He loves landmarks. Sabotage is filled with them In the novel, the dude is an agent working for the czarist government In the movie, Verlock(?) is just someone who works for mister big Stuff like that are the changes he made He had to stars in the film, an American as the chick and an international as the dude. He wanted Donat, but couldnt contract him This is the film that he started getting into centering the film around a female An ambiguity to these central female characters Mrs. Verlock Negative: She married for money, having an affair Positive: Shes pretty, nice Mr. Verlock Negative: Hes a saboteur Positive: Hes gentle, kind, confesses his guilt, corpulent, home loving Moral Ambiguity, eating the lamb (the second eating scene) He uses her for suicide, or is he trying to stop her? His squeaking shoes make the scene suspenseful as he walks to her Hitch does this because hes a manipulator, but why? Makes the audience consider the question of whos guilty? What is suspense? 1 rule to put people in suspense Character. You gotta have character. The audience needs to know about the character, understand them, like them, dislike, connect to them in some way. Ted Negative: Liar, deceiver, hypocrite Positive: Detective, tall, dark, and handsome, wise Steve Negative: Clumsy, afraid of Verlock Positive: Obliging, relaxes only with Ted 2 questions for next week Why does Mr. Canary put the doll next to the bomb? Parallelism between Verlock and Mr. Canary Two confession scenes Juxtaposition of the bomb and the film can, called Barthelomue the Strangler Walt Disney let Hitch use a clip in this, without even letting use Gene Kelly use it Birds stand a visual theme in the movie. Birds everywhere....
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hitchcock notes a - Hitchcock, September 8, 2010 Secret...

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