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hitchcock - First Week 5 periods Apprenticeship 1922-1928 9...

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First Week 5 periods Apprenticeship- 1922-1928- 9 films Sound period in Britain- 29-39- perfecting of a style. Corner cutting style, 14 films Cross-over- 40-50- appreciates limitations of British style, starts an eratic question for a NEW stylee- 13 films and 2 propaganda featuresques Golden period- 51-64 -13 films and TV work Final triumph- 64-76 films August 13, 1899- father was a grocer, mother housewive. Lower class, Irish decent, youngest of 3 children. Family values enshrined, hard-work. Loved entertainment, carnivals, strict Roman Catholic family in England that was Protestant. 5’5”. After grammar school he enrolled at St. Ignatius-Loyola Preparatory. Jesuit are elite of Catholic Church. He distinguished himself in French and religious education. Jesuit sharpened his sense of structure, discipline, sense of functuality. Added to his sense of fear and his overall world view. In retreat, you view history of the world and see the sinfulness and see how good triumphs over evil. You admit you sin and confess your guilt and call upon Jesus. Only in this way will you become a man. Time of liberation from suffering… like every Hitchcock film. Hitchcock read a lot and read stories like Brothers Grim where order is disrupted by chaos. Loved ETA Hoffmann who nightmare and day world collided. Fan of Edgar Allan Poe who pioneered genre of mystery detective thriller. Attracted to gothic novels and representation of human psychology in the form of character INTERNAL life of the imagination. Dealing with emotion and thought of characters. Read the London Tabloids and lower class newspapers with emphasis on sensational stories. Tabloids appealed to all classes… English have a thing about crime and sexuality. Hitchcock loved studying maps and travel scheduled. Loved movies and theatres and reading about tech and aesthetics of film. Loved playing practical jokes. During years at Jesuit institution, his father became ill so Alfred had to drop out and take over grocery. Went to public school studied engineering. Father died and 1915 he worked at Henley telegraph company as clerk in advertising. He prepared layouts and illustrations for advertising and brochures. Went to University of London where he studied art composition, shadow and light, and color use. Wrote about a girl’s drug-induced hallucination. He used nickname “Hitch.” When reading through film journal he found an ad… Paramount studios was opening a branch in England, applied for the job… told them he could design credits, asked to join full time and quit telegraph company.
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Hitchcock was amazingly observant. He was a consumed watcher. Weary of new situation and acquaintances, he was a private person. Predispotions for introspectiveness. Very controlled, highly stylized speech. He moved slowly but ate fast, allowed collar of shirts to curl. Only times he felt safe was in routine and habit (in London, always stayed in same suite, same restaurants). Worked with same actors, people. If people ever crossed him he didn’t forgive. He was uncomfortable with his sexuality. Said he might have been a puff if Alma hadn’t come along.
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