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Hitchcock Study Guide “The Lodger”- Silent Period Story: A strange lodger comes to stay with a family while a murderer is out on the loose. Daisy, the daughter of the family, is dating a police detective, Joe, on the case. After the lodger seems taken with Daisy, Joe suspects him of being the murderer. It becomes clear that he is not only after he confesses to wanting to avenge his sister, who was murderered. Joe doesn't discover his innocence until after he sends a mob after him, and he only barely escapes. Self-Reflexivity: Winding staircase = voyeurism, like cinema goers, story is about sensationalism of murder, people are entertained with it, just like Hitch Structuing Metaphor/Motifs: Avenger (murderer)'s triange mirrors the lover's triangle, “golden curls” sign goes on and off, just like the blonde girls that get murdered are suddenly snuffed out, handcuffs as erotic with Joe and Daisy, as takers of freedom for the lodger. Characters: -Joe: police detective engaged to Daisy, older, strange sense of humor, absuses power, revengeful -Lodger: avenging sister, dark/handsome, also has criminal instincts, out to murder, unmarried, feminine (faints) -Daisy: model, glamorous, a good daughter, from a poor family, but also goes back on engagement Title: shows effect of fear on people's lives, how it permeates like a fog and makes you blind, illogical Themes: Innocent man accoused Miscellaneous: experimental in narrative design: tells it like a police procedural at beginning, marketed it with stars like American films did, recapitulation scene when Joe stares at Lodger's footprint “Blackmail”- Sound Period Story: Alice, after meeting with her police officer fiance, Frank, goes home with another man and ends up killing him when he tries to rape her. She walks home and is guilty about her actions. Cyrril enters her family's store and tells her he knows she committed the murder and is planning on blackmailing her. Frank instead charges Cyrril with the murder. Cyrril runs, and falls through a roof to his death right as Alice is prepared to confess to the murder herself. Self-Reflexivity: The curtain when Alice is committing the murder is like a cinema curtain, they talk about documentaries at the restaurant, they aren't exciting enough to be worth seeing Structuing Metaphor/Motifs: The hand, The Jester painting, circles, windows, staircases, knives, sound motifs: laughter, birds, scream Characters: -Alice: pure, innocent, curious, but guilty of two murders -Frank: overly boring, wants to charge the wrong man with murder, but protective of Alice -Cyrril: a blackmailer with a criminal record, but innocent man accoused yet again Title: One word = impactful Themes: innocent man accoused, universe indifferent to justice Miscellaneous: Experimental with Sound (motifs, emphasize voyerism with hearing what an eavsdropper would hear), told in 11 episodes that were not always smoothly transitioned, used familiar location of British Museum for final chase, Confession scene in the phone booth
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HitchcockStudyGuide - Hitchcock Study Guide The Lodger-...

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