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Lecture 469 ss

Lecture 469 ss - Alfred Hitchcock 1899-1980 Throughout his...

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August 27, 2008 Alfred Hitchcock: 1899-1980 - Throughout his career, silent and sound, BM, V, NBW, P, Alma was by his side. - AH is one of the major artists of the 20 th century, like Picasso, James Joyce, Oscar Hammerstein. - H influence in shaping the cinema, he is the most written about director, Psycho is the most written about movie of all time. - His work is the psychic mirror of our time. Watching and listening carefully. - His work warrant viewing again and again. - In 1996, ET rated in the paper as the #1 director of all time. - Cultural and major historical events in the films, societal issues, cinematic influences, in UK and US. Censorship, structures, generic patterns, other styles that have energized his work. - How did he literary design his film, apply sound, - Mood, world view, atmosphere. - Significance of value, as a product of culture. 5 periods of his work. Silent Period (1922-28): in UK 9 films. Sound period (29-39): in UK. Perfecting the style of corner cutting UK. 6 films, 1 film, 6 films. Cross over period (40-50): appreciate the style in UK and realizes its limitation and begins an erratic quest for a new one. 13 films. 2 propaganda features. Golden period (51-64); 13 FILMS AND TV films. End films (65-76): 4 films. Born on august 13, 1899 in Limestone, NE of central London. - father was a green grocer, full sale and retail. - His father’s mother was Ireland. - His mother was a house wife. Irish descent. - Brother William died in 1943 alcohol - Sister born earlier. - Family values very strong. They instilled in their kids with hard work. They rewarded them with handwork. - Strict Roman Catholic where UK was Protestant. - Homely face with crooked teeth. - He went to a Jesuit run school to finish his grammar school. He enrolled in the private school (St Ignatius) run by Jesuits. - He was educated by Jesuits, like James Joyce, Casper, Robert Altman. - He was an excellent student and being Jesuit trained, he was sharpened his organization, discipline and analytical process as well. He was made punctual. - As a Jesuit student, you make a retreat. St. Ignatius of Loyola wrote one of the bull works of Western Spirituality. Called Spiritual exercises of the Jesuits-the plan of the retreat.
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- 3-days retreats was first of all to view the history of the world from beginning to present. You saw good vs. evil. - Only by confession to Christ I will become a new man. Before then, there is a great deal of anguish and suffering. - Roman Catholicism was an important influence in his work. As a boy, he read a great deal. - His likes was stories about order, with a chaotic world. - EtA Hoffman stories he liked, a German writer. He introduced a world blend of humor and horror. -
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Lecture 469 ss - Alfred Hitchcock 1899-1980 Throughout his...

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