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exsc 205 notes - ATM(atmosphereic pressure---> tissues...

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pulmonary system anatomy- upper respiratory tract mouth and nose, trachea, bronchial tube lower respiratory tract- alveoli, sacs and ducts expiration- passive functions- upper respiratory 1. ventilation 2. warms incomming 3. moistens incoming air 4. filtration lung volumes- (vc) vital capacity max volume of air expired> max inspiration residual lung volume (rlv)- volume remaining in lungs > max expiration total lung capacity (tlc) tlc= vc+ rlv (80 + 20%) v- ventilation e- expiren td- tidal volume rp- respitaroy rate Max VE VC=4.0 MAX TV= ~50% vc TV= 2.0 L/b RR= ~50 b/m gas exchange composition of atm- n2= 79 02= 20.9 c02= .04 barometric pressure 760mm Hg is total pressure of the gasses gas disggues from area of high pressure to areas of low
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Unformatted text preview: ATM(atmosphereic pressure---> tissues ambient- 159 alveole- 100 tissures- 10-50 vealv- if tv= 2.2 l/b rr= 25 b/mn wt.= 150 lbs ve(2.2x25)-(.15;25) 55 arm-artery to tissue to vein with tissue at po2=50 (leg is po2= 10) control of beating is the medulla Hemoglobic+02 avg 15.5gm/100ml blood (14-18) 14 (12-16) 02 carrying capacticty 1gm Hb combines with 1.34 ml 02 This 15.5x1.34=20.8 Limitations to aerobic exercise, blood doping, 2 units of blood spun- RBC removed frozen storage Blood-Volume= 5000 ml (5l) male- 55% plasma and 45% hematocrit female- 62 and 38 as HCT and plasmaincreases blood viscosity increases, harder to pump by the heart Aspirin- thins blood...
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exsc 205 notes - ATM(atmosphereic pressure---> tissues...

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