Wk 2 Assignment - 1 Communication and Collaboration...

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1 Communication and Collaboration Strategy Juliana Morris University of Phoenix Gen/200: Foundations for General Education and Professional Success Group # DB10GEN08 Yvonne Perez, MBA September 4, 2010
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Communication and Collaboration Strategy Everyone has a different way of perceiving and retaining information. Knowing and understanding your learning and personality intelligences will help better prepare you for your career, relationships and other of life’s challenges. The more you know about the different learning and personality types, the better you’ll communicate and successfully work together with others. Learning Style One and Strategy My teammate, Betty De La Torre, is an Interpersonal Learner. She works well in a team setting. It would be more beneficial for her to work alongside other students on projects and assignments. She has the ability to understand other team member’s perspectives and could help resolve conflict if it may arise. When working with an Interpersonal Learner, I would schedule more study sessions with him or her to discuss and collaborate ideas on our group and individual assignments. We can explain the material to each other in the group and use flash cards. It would help the team and me to better our ability to absorb the information and visualize the
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Wk 2 Assignment - 1 Communication and Collaboration...

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